Dr. Ackerman has expertise in the treatment of a variety of painful conditions including neck, back, neuropathic, shingles, joint pain, fibromyalgia, myofascial, RSD, whiplash and cancer pain.

    He offers: injection therapy including epidural steroids, knee, shoulder and hip joint injections, facet joint injections, facet joint neurolysis, stellate ganglion blocks, lumbar sympathetic blocks, myofascial trigger point injections, trial dorsal column stimulator placement  etc.  He will not do unnecessary procedures on patients.  

    Dr. Ackerman does prescribe medications as indicated by a patient's pain diagnosis.  He uses braces and electrostimulation when indicated.

    He refers patients to therapists, chiropractors, psychologists and other physicians including Regenerative Medicine specialists when indicated.

    Dr. Ackerman does Independent Medical Examinations and treats workman's compensation pain related injuries. He does not treat motor vehicle accident patients. 

     He has a strong interest in patient diversity in the appropriate pain management in different gender, age, race and ethnic groups as evidenced by his book: "The Ethnicity in Pain Management: Is Anyone Listening?" His research has shown that because an intervention works well in a certain ethnic group, it may happen rarely and often only by chance  in other groups.   Inferences need to be established regarding the effectiveness of interventions in certain subsets of population including race, age and gender etc.

​    His book "Gender Factor: Pain Management for Men and Women" addresses the fact that men and women experience pain differently and consequently require different treatments in many instances. Men and women can respond differently to drugs prescribed in a pain practice.  This is why gender specific pain management is so important to achieve good results. 

     Dr. Ackerman will in many instances order genetic testing as genetic variants among patients can affect how drugs are metabolized and work in a patient's body. His book "The Aging Factor: A Genetic Factor for Pain in Seniors": makes reference to telomeres and telomerase changes as a result of genetic aging as a contributing factor to pain in senior patients.

    He does independent medical examinations for individuals injured in the course of his/her employment as well as chronic pain related to non work related accidents.

    He does independent medical examinations for individuals with RSD and recommends individuals who suffer from RSD read his book: "Understanding the Complexity of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy by Ackerman".

​    He does not do Social Security disability evaluations.

    Dr. Ackerman  has testified in Federal Court on a criminal trial  accusing a physician of being part of a "Pill Mill'. 

   He has testified for the defense in Federal Court as an expert witness in cases involving intraoperative pain during cesarean sections in a lawsuit against a military hospital. 

​     He has testified in court in cases involving whiplash injuries as well as myofascial pain injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. 

Dr. Ackerman is:

Board certified in both Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology
A Graduate of the University of Louisville School of Medicine
Completed a Residency in Anesthesiology at the University of Kentucky
Chief Resident in anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Kentucky Medical Center
Did a Fellowship in Pain Medicine at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Texas

​Dr. Ackerman as a medical researcher and has been:

Nominated previously for the Southern Medical Society Medical Research Award.
Nominated previously for the Bristol-Meyers Squibb award for distinguished achievement in Pain Research.
Was the Recipient of the Karl Koeller research grant award from the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.

Former Associate Professor and lecturer  in Anesthesiology,  Pain Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine, and 

Guest speaker at Medical school department meetings and academic symposiums throughout the country and at international meetings.

​Guest speaker at Medical school department meetings and academic symposiums throughout the country and at international meetings.

Featured on a local Little Rock television television channel for innovation in diagnosing RSD with Laser Doppler fluxmetric imaging.
Was mentioned In the Chicago Tribune for research on the safety to the mother fetus using epidural buprenorphine  in labor and delivery as well as cesarean sections pregnancy.

Be informed that Dr. Ackerman does most of his spinal injections etc. in his office.  This eliminates a high copayment that some surgery centers and hospitals charge you for an injection ($200-$1800 depending on the center). Furthermore, you will only receive the number of injections that are medically necessary from Dr. Ackerman.  There is no scientific evidence that a series of "3" injections is medically necessary.

​​Dr. Ackerman has built his career educating patients, other physicians, medical students and residents and fellows about the highest standards in medical practice. He is a strong proponent of ethics in medicine and the accuracy of medical information.  He will guide you and give you confidence to recognize the bewildering abundance of bad information around you.  You must remember that you make the final decision for your treatment.

Dr. Ackerman may order other tests and images during your visit to confirm your diagnosis. Once he determines your diagnosis, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan to meet your particular medical needs.  


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​Dr.William E. Ackerman III